CORA (She Could Be Me)


Let’s call her Cora. A Filipino farmer, a mother and a wife.
Her story inspired me to do better and be better. I hope she inspires you too.
Artwork by Ecay Dinulos

“She held her head up high when she said that she will do her best so her kids can be better.”

Artwork by Ecay

Source: CORA (She Could Be Me)


What’s in a name? Khal the Beagle

What’s in a name? Khal the Beagle

I have to admit, I’ve always wanted a female beagle and dreamt of naming her KHALEESI

Daenerys Targaryan Khaleesi. Wife of Khal Drogo

Daenerys Targaryan
Khaleesi. Wife of Khal Drogo


Of course, I thought how cool it would be to name my female pooch queen in a made up language from one of my all time favorite book series, A Song of Fire & Ice. I envisioned how it would illicit questions from people and how I would gladly tell them that I named her after my favorite character, Daenarys Targaryan, a Khaleesi of the Dothraki Sea.

But things don’t always go as planned and 2 months ago, I decided that I would adopt a male beagle. I can no longer name her Khaleesi much to my dismay. But I am stubborn as they come and I was determined to find a character in the book that would fit my adorable beagle. In spite of the thousands of characters, I couldn’t find one. I initially dismissed naming him Khal Drogo, if you’ve read the book or even watched the tv series Game of Thrones, you would know why I was hesitant in naming him after Khaleesi’s hubby. Khal Drogo is a by definition a SAVAGE (a hot one but a savage nonetheless) and my dear puppy is nothing like the character.

Khal Drogo, husband of  Khaleesi Daenarys Targaryan.

Khal Drogo, husband of Khaleesi Daenarys Targaryan.

“But he doesn’t look like a Khal,” a close friend who knows the series surmised.

Not only that, I also anticipated people, who have no clue what GOT is, would probably assume I was just being jeje or weird.

True enough, a well meaning old lady who was smitten with Khal’s cuteness told me while cooing him “Bakit ang mura ng pangalan mo eh ang gwapo gwapo mo. Parang pinangalan mo sa matigas na manok.”

“What a cheap name for such a cute dog? Sounds like a chicken name to me.”

This wasn’t the first time people questioned my name choice and I KNOW it won’t be my last. Even Khal’s veterinarian didn’t have an inkling who Khal or what Game of Thrones is. In fact, she gave me this blank stare after she heard his name and the reason why he was named Khal.

Heck, even I was a bit hesitant calling him Khal. But it grew on me and I have not regretted naming him after a character who loved his wife fiercely. And if I were to be really honest – I find people’s reaction amusing and if you add that to the list, then I can definitely say that naming my beagle Khal was the right choice.

Khal at 5 months

Khal at 5 months


Khal Drogo, an unlikely name for my male beagle.

Khal Drogo, an unlikely name for my male beagle.

Photos of Khaleesi and Khal Drogo were procured via the internet.



I remember being young and lost when I was in college. At some point, I felt inadequate because everyone seemed to know where they were going and there I was – wasting my time drinking booze and attending parties  That was eight years ago. Back when I didn’t care about going home at 5am knowing that I had a 7am Statistics class. It seems irresponsible, right? I couldnt agree more. But 8 years have passed and I graduated from college and from that life.  

Somewhere between 2006 and 2008, I decided I wanted to work for NGOs particularly those who cater to Filipino farmers. I felt, at that time, that I had to give back. Why? I grew up with a lot of opportunities. I was brought up by parents who made sure that I could get the best education. I did. But things happen and in 2008 – my belief system was shattered.  I lost interest in finishing my manuscript. I felt that “graduating” was overrated.  I was angry. I was angry at the perpetrator, the system and myself. Naivete is such a poor excuse but at 21, what isn’t? 

Fast forward 2012 and not only have I graduated but I also passed the Agriculture Licensure Exam.  And here I am doing something that I love and being paid for it. I am grateful. It may not be perfect or what I pictured I would be doing when I was 18 but this is so much better.

Life is weird that way, I guess.  We don’t always get what we want but we end up with so much better. Or maybe we just make do with all our blessings? Either way, I’ve never felt more grateful.


goat chronicles


Realization: I think goats are out to get me.  

Here’s why.

1st Encounter

When I was in college, our landlady thought it was wise to bring her goats at the front of our apartment to eat grass… And to my horror, the mother goat ran after me.  No, it didn’t matter that I was bigger because it was fast and it had horns.

2nd Encounter

Part of my job is to find farmer-cooperators who would plant our product, yellow corn, to demonstrate its awesomeness (I am biased, I know.). So, I have to be there during the planting period. Unfortunately, one very persistent goat thought my corn seeds were his breakfast.

3rd Encounter

This one’s related to my 2nd encounter. So, I decided to check on my corn demo site. I brought my camera and started taking pictures when I felt my shirt being pulled. Turns out, the fellow below thought my shirt was lunch and was brave enough to NIBBLE on it!!!

Only in the province. 😉


Your shirt tastes funny. I love it!

Your shirt tastes funny. I love it!

November of 2011


Thank You, November.

It’s 12:24 in the morning and I am distracted. I’m supposed to write all these awesome things about November but here I am distracted by facebook , Cris Guillebeau’s blog, Tokyo Tokyo’s california maki  and my nook whom I named Seth.

I feel sleepy but quite adamant to finish this post because I’m tired of putting things off. So, I’m trying to figure out how I could just write what I feel or have felt for the past month without releasing “sensitive” information.  AS much as I want to recount every significant experience in this post – I choose not to.  There are just things I’d rather keep to myself and you’d rather I not spill, right? J

Yes, November has been an exemplary month for me. In a span of 3-4 weeks I’ve encountered different scenarios where I had to make judgment calls,  leave my comfort zone and take risks that I never thought I had the courage to take. Unfortunately, it is also the same month I felt inadequate and insecure in some aspects of my life. Needless to say, it has been an incredible roller coaster ride.

Why did I do it?


November 17, 2012

And so my day begins when my body clock, with utmost precision, decided that I should wake up at 5:30 AM.  No, I am not a morning person and I am not fond of the fact that my job has affected how I spend my weekends. 

Oh, the sweet joy of sleeping in. 

Suffice to say, my life has changed drastically for the past 9 months. I no longer thread the complicated streets of the metro and come in to work in dresses and high heels. I have bartered the life of the pampered office girl to the provincial life in the Northern part of the country. I no longer dress up and wear make up. I now wear jeans, shirts, blouses and my trusty old Merrell for work. It was a career change most of my colleagues didn’t understand.

But there were those who did. 🙂 People who knew that my very own definition of success isn’t about living in the city, drinking Starbucks and having meetings in English. 😉 

Maybe it is for others and THERE IS NOTHING WRONG ABOUT THAT.  Maybe mine is just a lil simpler, like sharing ideas and helping others by helping themselves. Educating and empowering others to make the best choice to improve their lives. Maybe, I just want to be in the grassroots level and get my hands (literally) dirty.

Maybe, my definition of success is being able to help others and still have time to enjoy a cup of coffee during my weekends. 😉